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FAQ page

1. What are the essential features of an e-commerce website?

To run a successful e-commerce website, you need to pay attention to a few key features. These essential elements include:

  • Responsive Web Design that is suitable for all kinds of devices.
  • High-Quality Images that show the product pictures from different angles.
  • Customer Reviews as they add to the credibility of the product.
  • Security of information to keep the privacy of people.
  • A reliable transaction process is the primary feature of online businesses.

We keep in mind all these features when we offer our e-commerce services to our clients. You can trust us to be mindful of all the essential attributes required.

2. What are the tips on rendering e-commerce services?

The key to improving an online business is an effective advertising campaign and making it easy for the customers to find what they need. A simplified and captivating website design will make your e-commerce business gain more attention and growth. Fix Tech Tangle makes your business stand out by providing audience-oriented services.

3. What are the key design features of digital marketing?

Fix Tech Tangle offers you Search Engine Optimisation, Web Designing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and many other services that are the key features of digital marketing. We offer up-to-date and authentic content and services.

4. Is it necessary to use new layouts for your website?

New and trendy website layouts are fundamental if you wish to promote your business properly. Fix Tech Tangle will provide you with the latest and hot-trending layouts to make your website easy to comprehend and simple to use.

5. What role do company policies play in your online business?

It is crucial to write authentic and detailed company policies so that there is no loophole for the customer to backlash on you. Fix Tech Tangle offers you professional content writing services that will be free of errors and legitimation. You can get high-quality content for your online business by outsourcing your Digital Marketing services in a splendid way.

6. What role do customer reviews play in e-commerce?

Fix Tech Tangle offers you solutions to all your worries and will help you by providing tips to grow your business and online popularity. One of the eminent ways to promote your website is by sharing customer success stories. Customer reviews play a big part in changing people’s minds about a product or service.

7. How does new at-the-market digital marketing help in growing your business?

Digital marketing methods should be changed as time changes so that you keep up with the interests and needs of your customers. Fix Tech Tangle provides you with engaging content for your online website, ever-evolving media strategy to promote your business, and updated InfoGraphics to catch the attention of consumers.

8. Do you need to use popular software for e-commerce?

Fix Tech Tangle keeps an eye on in-demand software and offers customised software development and maintenance services. We will always provide you with an updated version of the software that is necessary for your e-commerce success.

9. How does SaaS play a role in building an app?

SaaS is the use of software as a service, and this is what is needed to operate an app effectively. You can entrust this process to Fix Tech Tangle as we will use our software development services to build a customised app according to your needs. We also offer software maintenance services if you want to keep your app updated.

10. What are the upcoming platforms for Digital Marketing?‎

Digital marketing is an ever-growing field, and you need to keep up with the pace of evolving trends and demands. Influencer Marketing is a new thing in digital marketing that needs the collaboration of the celebrities and other influencers whom the public follows, this option is pretty effective for the sake of promotions.
Fix Tech Tangle focuses on the platforms that will make your business stand out and offer digital marketing services accordingly.